Naugles Tacos & Burgers

18471 Mt. Langley
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(657) 845-7346

Hours of Operation

Every Day: 8am to 8pm

Naugles by the Beach

21351 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Naugles by the Beach is scheduled to re-open on February 21, 2018. Following are the expected hours of operation at first:

Hours of Operation

Wednesday thru Sunday: 10am to 2pm (hours subject to change)

(Note: We will update as we add days and hours to the schedule. Due to the unique circumstances of the beach location there may be variations in hours from time to time and unexpected closures due to extreme weather, crowd size, and other factors.)

Parking Options

There may be some challenges to parking for this location due to it being at the beach and summer crowds. Here are some options:

  • Pay $15 to park at the beach (best bet is to enter from Beach Blvd., turn right to pay at the guard gate, and head south towards Naugles by the Beach)
  • Utilize $12 validated parking at the Hilton (for now you can take your Naugles receipt back to valet parking when you are done at the beach)
  • Pay at a metered spot along PCH (make sure to put enough in to cover the length of your stay; vehicles with handicapped placards can park for free at metered spots)
  • Park in free residential and business areas on the other side of PCH and walk the rest of the way (this option works sometime but spaces do go fast when things get busy at summertime)
  • Take a bus, walk, bike, skateboard, Uber, Lyft or taxi to the beach
  • Get a $150 annual beach parking pass at the First St. Lifeguard Station
  • Utilize the free Surf City Shuttle. Check out its official website for details. The stop you would use for Naugles by the Beach is the Pacific City one.

We are working to expand hours and locations.