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We have had several preview events recently. The first was in July in Lancaster. Then there was one in October in Fountain Valley and another at the same spot in December. Each one was a big success. We will post here when more such events are planned. We are aiming for the next one to be in January or February.

We're here to enjoy the legendary @naugles !! "Mama they need to bring tgis back...why would they take this goodness away...bring it back!" -- Zoe 7yo and smart ! #naugles #lengandary #yummyformytummy #besttastefromthe80stonow #3generationsofnauglesforus #originaltaste #nostalgia @senornaugles

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Here's some commercials made around 1986 and featuring the actors Avery Schreiber and Roger Carmel playing the character of Señor Naugles:

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