The Naugles fast food restaurant chain was founded by Dick Naugle in 1970 with 225 locations prior to merging with Del Taco in 1988. Naugles lasted only 7 years after the merger with the final location being closed in 1995. It featured an American and a Mexican kitchen. Popular items included the cheese burrito, the bun taco, the combo cup w/ chips, the Naugleburger, the Ortega burger and more. A new business group formed in the last few years has been working on bringing the chain back. This effort is not affiliated with Del Taco or with any other prior owner of the brand. Original concept, new company.

Naugles Corporate Test Kitchen
18471 Mt. Langley
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

The Naugles Corporate Test Kitchen is currently closed for business while we retool to prepare to meet the overwhelming demand shown over the past week. Stay tuned for further notifications.